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The North Star Convention is the brainchild of Black local and state legislators, community leaders, union leaders, business leaders, and concerned citizens who are using their collective power to advocate for improvements and resources in the Black community throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

October 22nd

October 23rd



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Submitted to President Elect    November, 2020

A Black Agenda
for Pennsylvania

The North Star Convention Black Agenda for PA was submitted to both Presidential Candidates prior to November 3rd.

North Star Convention Forums

Over the course of six (6) weeks, leading up to the two (2) day convention, there will be a series of forum discussions on a range of topics impacting the Black community. 

Gun Violence

Police, Criminal &
Judicial Reform

Economic Justice


Black Women & Girls

Health & Environment

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Gun Violence - Registration is now closed

October  | 

Gun Violence has been plaguing our cities and our commonwealth for far too long. This summer, gun violence was at an all time high and children and women (including pregnant women) fell victim to violence in our streets. What are we as a Black community going to do to protect our most vulnerable populations and what are we going to demand of our next President in order to end gun violence and ensure our streets and our neighborhoods are safe?

Police, Criminal, and Judicial Reform - Registration is now closed

October | 

Throughout our country, there have been a significant number of Black men and women who have been victims of police brutality and state violence. Some refer to our criminal justice system as “modern day slavery”. What do we need to do to ensure members of the Black community are safe? What types of reforms and policies are still needed for our criminal justice and judicial systems? What are we demanding of our next President to ensure police are held accountable and to ensure equity and fairness within these systems? 

Economic Justice - Registration is now closed

October | 

Our country is one of the wealthiest economies in the world, yet when you examine the economics of Black Americans we still fall woefully behind in access to wealth, business sustainability and growth, capital, housing, and career opportunities. Black individuals were enslaved and brought to the U.S. in chains to build the economy of this nation, yet despite gaining our freedom, we have not been able to fully benefit from the economy we helped build. Should we be given reparations? How do we address and end poverty in our state? How do we grow Black businesses and what are we demanding of our next President to ensure we have access to opportunities and economic justice?

Education - Registration is now closed

October | 

Access to a high quality education is a major factor in determining a child’s life trajectory. In addition to a strong academic program, it is equally important to teach Black history, celebrate a child’s ethnicity and culture, and support social and emotional wellness of children. Is what children are learning in school today, properly preparing them for the workforce post high school and/or college? How do we ensure there is equity in access to quality public schools? What is the future of k-12 public education and what are we going to demand of our next President in order to ensure all Black children have access to a high quality education and path from preK-12 to postsecondary education and career readiness?

Black Women & Girls - Registration is now closed

October | 

Black women are impacted by intersectionality - the overlapping experience of discrimination based on gender, race, age, and other factors used to define our identity. Despite this being the case we continue to fight for equality and issues like pay equity, safety, period poverty, trafficking, and maternal mortality to name a few. In PA alone, we have no Black female elected officials in positions higher than a state representative. We have no Black female members of the state senate, congress, US senate or statewide offices. What are we demanding of our next President to ensure inclusion of Black women in all layers of our government and eliminating discrimination of Black women in all areas and public and private sectors?

Health & Environment - Registration is now closed

October | 

The Black community suffers from many health disparities, lack of access to healthcare, and have been significantly impacted by mental health as well as our current global pandemic due to the coronavirus. In addition, there is a correlation of health disparities in areas that have limited access to clean water and air. How are Black urban and rural neighborhoods impacted by the environment and access to healthcare? What are we going to demand of our new President in order to ensure all counties have clean water, clean air, access to healthcare, COVID-19 testing, mental health services, and the elimination of health disparities that are highly prevalent in our community?

OCTOBER 22nd & 23rd

2-Day Convention

The purpose of the North Star Convention is to discuss systemic issues impacting the Black community throughout the state of Pennsylvania, and create a collective agenda of solutions to present to Presidential nominees which each candidate will agree to adopt and implement if elected into office.


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