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The North Star Convention was established by Black leaders and concerned citizens throughout the state of Pennsylvania who have an interest in improving the quality of life for Black citizens, children, and families in our state. The organizers of this event wanted to create an opportunity for Black people to come together to discuss and address issues impacting the Black community and determine solutions for how we solve the systemic problems they’ve faced. This upcoming event was created by a group of Black civic and grassroots leaders, elected officials, business leaders, union leaders, and residents who reside in Pennsylvania (PA).

This event is a nonpartisan activity. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic and to ensure everyone’s safety, the entire convention will be held virtually. Thanks to our generous sponsors and partners, the event will also be free to all participants. The only requirement for participation is that individuals register.  


Planning Committee

Rep. Jordan Harris
District 186, Democratic Whip

Rep. Joanna McClinton
District 191, Democratic Leader

Rep. Donna Bullock
District 195, Chair, PA Legislative Black Caucus

Andrea Fields
Director, PA Legislative Black Caucus

Tiffany McCloud
CEO & Founder of HER P.O.W.E.R. Inc.

Roxanne Sewell
Owner of The LJS Group

Sam Staten, Jr.
Vice President of LIUNA & Laborer's Business Manager

Luther Sewell
Owner - Talk Magazine

Councilman Kenyatta Johnson
District 2

Senator Anthony H. Williams
District 8

Phyllis Bennett
President, CEO & Owner at PIB Associates

Mungu Sanchez
Deputy Political Director for the Northeast. Regional Council Council of Carpenters

Senator Sharif Street
District 3

Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta
District 181

Rep. Darisha Parker
District 198

Rep. Napoleon Nelson
District 154

Rep. Regina Young
District 185 

North Star Convention 2020

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